This amazing individual taking on the world with optimism and fearlessness. Sara was an aerospace software engineer succeeding in a man’s profession some 50 years ago! During her career; she worked on; many satellite telemetry stations, the Space Shuttle, factory automation systems, nuclear power plant control and on rapid transit systems.

The Way We Were

The movie, The Way We Were, was released at the time Sara and Brad started dating. The movie is considered one of the greatest romantic movies, so maybe it had an impact. They met living just south of San Francisco. The Bay area was a wonderful place to be dating with the city sites, the coast line and mountains. The down side was they were together only six months of the first five years of their marriage.


Brad a junior Naval Officer was in service to country away from home and being deployed abroad. He selected the Navy as a better alternative to being drafted into the Army. Serving your country is an elective some take between college and 40 years working at a desk a satellite systems engineer. The best summary is five years of tedium accented by a few moments of sheer terror.

IBM 1440

Sara started her software carrier in June 1964 pro- gramming a brand new IBM 1440 Data Processing System. You can see the last IBM 1440 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The console was an electric typewriter and register lights/switches, no displays in those days! The 1440 included key- punches, printers, card readers, sorters and tape drives. Data was stored in magnetic cores as variable length character strings separated at the left and right by a special flag, called a word mark.

Must have dogs!

Sara and Brad are lifelong dog lovers who have always had dogs as part of the family. Dogs have brought much joy to their lives as loyal companions. Pictured above (left to right) are: Sir London, Bennie, RADAR, Tonya and Lyla. Sara and Brad have been volunteers and supporters of Canine Companions for Independence, since 1990, a non-profit that providing highly trained assistance dogs to assist adults with physical disabilities. Both Sir London and Bennie were CCI graduates who assisted Sara. Like many volunteers they provided basic obedience training, socialization and care for dogs in training.

Navy Days

Going through officer candidate school in the Vietnam days with Marine Corps Drill Instructors, who along with intimidation, physical training and flight training all designed to maximize stress and attrition provides an opportunity to manage your ego. You arrive with naïve expectations soon cut down to size, later you graduate, then your head gets big again. Several steps along the way like survival school does tend to tone your self-image down to a realistic degree. Of course, when you are young you are invincible. The key lesson is get over it or you don’t get to be old.

Life on the "Happy" farm!

Let us face facts, retirement is good for your health and you don’t need a study to prove it. The simple difference between retirees and those still working, people retire because they no longer need to commute, put up with an annoying boss, and tax filling is the only deadline you must meet!


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